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Become a certified Indoor Cycling Instructor today! Dynamic Path presents 302 review questions to help you become an instructor of one of the most popular fitness programs today.

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Our app is designed to prepare you for the Spinning® Certified Instructor assessment, the AFPA Cycle Instructor Certification, Team ICG® Indoor Cycling education, the FiTOUR® Indoor Cycling Certification, and the NFPA® Indoor Cycling Certification

Topics covered include:
– Class Route Planning
– Dealing with Emergency Situation
– Equipment Selection
– Fitness Development
– Inappropriate or Unsafe Motions
– Instructional Techniques to Increase Participant Motivation
– Music Selection
– Participant Safety
– Pre- and Post- workout stretching
– Professional Development
– Proper Breathing Techniques
– Proper Cadence
– Proper Cycling Movements


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Buy Now For the Web 302 questions for only $4.99